Camp Muck-Rungler

Release Date: October 31, 2024


Congratulations on your purchase of the Vert-X 64, 1983's most cutting edge home computer! We hope you enjoy this exciting new experience in personal computing! With the Vert-X 64 you can do so many things!

  • Play games like Camp Muck-Rungler, Gloodi, and Westbound Wagon!

  • Use your Journal when the headaches overwhelm you!

  • Dial into the local college BBS and chat with people about local events, technology, and pop culture!

  • Use Email and Personal Messages to help others who are having a rough time.

  • Troubleshoot your own [extremely rare] computer problems with the Vert-X 64 Owner's Manual.

What is Camp Muck-Rungler?

Camp Muck-Rungler is a four-part horror adventure game in which you play a young woman named Melissa Day. Melissa has been sick for months, and her father bought her a new computer so she can keep herself occupied while he works a second job at night. Each part takes place during a single night, with all four nights scheduled for release in October 2024.

Players will solve computer puzzles, play games, and communicate with people who Melissa would have never met, if not for her new computer.

Set in the world of the popular horror podcast Weeping Cedars, Camp Muck-Rungler is a self-contained story of sorrow, terror, and the uncanny.

Keyboard and Mouse Required!
This game is not for those who are easily disturbed.